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Date: August 2015

29 August 2015 in Dushanbe hosted an International conference "Silk Road Tourism in Tajikistan: opportunities and cooperation." The conference was attended by representatives of the government and private sectors of the country, as well as representatives of international organizations. Photo



Date: June 2015

Brochure "Urban cultural tours: Dushanbe" was published. The brochure was prepared by the Tourism Development Center in collaboration with the Union of Craftsman of Tajikistan within the framework of the International Trade Centre, funded by the Swiss Government in the framework of cooperation in the field of trade in Tajikistan. The publication contains detailed information and photos about museums, theaters, art galleries, parks and major attractions of the Dushanbe city. Also attached is a map of the city indicating the coordinates of the objects described in the brochure. Language - English.



Date: February 2015

In the framework of the Trade Cooperation Program in Tajikistan, implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC) and financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), PO "Tourism Development  Center" conducted introductory excursion "Urban cultural tours" for representatives of tourism organizations in Tajikistan.

Goal of the event - establishment of close links between craft and tourist sectors.

It is known that the craft sector, as well as tourism, are essential for the economy, handicraft products made in traditional style in the traditional style, are the hallmark of the country. Patterns, clothing styles, colors, etc. become recognizable, thus enhancing popularization of the country. During the tour, tour operators, in addition to famous cultural sites of the city, were informed about the existing artistic and craft workshops. Within this program, experts of “Tourism Development Center ", with the assistance of the Union of craftsmen of Tajikistan, prepared brochure «Urban culture tour», in which readers are introduced with the cultural life of the capital. The next step in an activity is scheduled the training of professional guides according to existing cultural tours. Photo



Date: January 2015

In November and December 2014, Centre of Tourism Development in collaboration with the Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan, prepared an information brochure for tourists and visitors 'Urban cultural tours ". The aim of the project - establishment of close links between crafts and tourism sectors. The project is funded by the ITC and SECO. The publication provides information on the main cultural sites of the city, description and contact information of art galleries and art studios, as well as a description of one-day tour programs.

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