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Journey to the "Devil's Gorge"

Season: May-November

Duration: 1 day

A brief description of the route:

The name "Devil's Gorge" has been appeared in the Soviet times when there were pioneer camps in the Romit gorge, different from the others with its unique landscape and nature. Simple trips to amazing places have been studied and developed in order to improve leisure time. One of these places was this gorge. It was located not far from the village Yavroz, the distance from the city of Dushanbe is 43 kilometers by car and 30 minutes on foot. The gorge is unique, because it is a narrow crack in the rocky mountain. Inside the crevice flows a small river on which the travelers will have to move. When you exit the gorge there you can see a beautiful view over the valley.


Waterfall "Kanask"

Season: May-October

Duration: 2-3 days

A brief description of the route:

Option 1 - Jeep Tour

Our journey begins from the city of Dushanbe, there will be will a stop and you can get acquainted with the Tourist Information Centre of Romit, then our path is through Romit Reserve, where travelers can visit the museum, relax and dine. Further, our way lies through several villages and ends in the upper gorge. Then travelers continue their journey on foot along the river bank, and after a couple of miles they will see a magnificent creation of nature, waterfall Kanask. The coolness that comes from this waterfall the tourists will feel a long time before they see it. At the foot of the waterfall prepared lunch and the camp will wait for you. In spring and early summer when the rivers are full of water, splashes from the waterfall create a huge cloud of spray.


Option 2 - bicycle tour

Travelers will be delivered to the village by car. After visiting the Tourist Information Centre, participants will go to Romit Reserve by bicycles, where they will visit a museum, and have lunch. Next, their route proceeds along the dirt road among the villages. By evening, they will reach the village Yafrak, tourists can relax in the guest house, have dinner and spend the night. In the morning after breakfast they will move forward making stops for rest and meals. By evening the travelers will reach the foot of the waterfall Kanask where they can have dinner and stay for the night.

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