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Travel to Lake Timur Dara.

This lake is situated at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level. Lake is of the landslide type. Travel time from the village Hakimi is 1.5-2 hours.

Season: June-September

Duration: 1 day.

A brief description of the route:

Starting from Dushanbe and passing the villages Shahrinau and Karatag (In the past this village was the summer residence of the Hissar Bek, who was looking for a coolness and quietness here.) In the village there are many vineyards and orchards, in 2-2.5 hours you will get to the place where the road ends. It is Hakimi village. Next the route goes up the Karatag gorge along the blue deep river, among the picturesque forest groves. After 20-30 minutes of pleasant walk our route deviates to the right on a faint trail and long steep climb begins that ends on the plateau. Here is a good trail winds between the huge stones scattered here and there on the plateau, passes through juniper groves and meadows with flowering Eremurus. You will pass a powerful landslide of huge black stones. It caused the birth of Dam Lake. You will forget all the hardships of the way, when in 1.5 -2 hours you will see the lake itself. It absorbed all the colors of the sky and tripled them in their depths. Skirting the lake on the left side, you will find yourself in a cozy sandy bay, suitable for recreation and camping. You'll love this place, and you cannot help give yourself a promise to come back here again.


Travel to Lake Pariyon

Parries (Peri) are fantastic creatures in the form of beautiful girls in the Persian mythology, and later preserved in the traditions of many peoples: the Kirghiz, Turkic peoples of Middle and Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Northern Caucasus, Volga and Southern Urals.

The image of Parries is preserved in Tajik traditions, including the Pamir, Afghans, Persians, Baluchis, and others, migrated to Dardo and Turkic peoples. Parries of Tajik people are in anthropomorphic and zoomorphic guises. Friendly Perries are in the form of beautiful birds, a beaver or non-poisonous white and yellow snake, and evil Perries are in the form of poisonous snakes, frogs, turtles, wild animals, including predators, particularly tigers. In the anthropomorphic guise Perries are beautiful girls or young women in white, blue or red clothing, boys or men, involved in worship, evil Perries have an ugly appearance and dirty clothes. Each Perry has a "shah", master, etc. They have a sexual relationship with people and give birth to extraordinary people. Perry can take people and fly with them. Men, whom Perries choose, become shamans, and Perries themselves act as shamanistic spirit-helpers.

This lake is of landslide type, situated at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level.

Season: June-September

Duration: 3 days.

A brief description of the route:

The beginning of the route is the same as the lake Timur Dara, the only thing that is different that the lake Timur Dara is located out of the way to Pariyon. The trip will be among the fragrant, smelling grasses of alpine meadows, and you will be met by thick impenetrable forests, crystal clear water of the lake and an ever-bubbling mountain river. Clean mountain air will charge you with the energy and vivacity for a long time.


The route of the Karatag gorge - Iskanderkul lake.

Season: June-September

Duration: 2 days

Maximum altitude: Moore pass - 3710 m. above sea level.

A brief description of the route:

Route can be started from Dushanbe; there is also a variant of arrival at the top of the route from the Tajik- Uzbek border (Sari Osie). In this case, you can put up in the guest house "Kutbiddin" and begin your journey early in the morning, after breakfast. The path runs through the gorge, among dzhangalnik, walnut groves, alpine meadows. During the journey you can stop for meals, rest and photography. In the evening, you can camp at the beginning of the Moore Pass (1B). The next day, after the pass you will start the descent into the valley to the picturesque lake Iskanderkul. A lot of people heard about that beautiful lake Iskanderkul. If we translate the name Iskander, we will have Alexander. Iskander Zulkarnayn - Alexander Bicornuate - so people of Sogdiana and Bactria called Alexander of Macedon. Dozens of places and names of cities in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are associated with his name. And Iskanderkul - Lake of Alexander - did not escape such a fate; it has the name of the King of the Kings. Its water prompts us about the eternal and infinite things, which in the hubbubs of the daily life can hardly be remembered.

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