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General information about Almosi

Reserve "Almosi" is a unique natural complex of the huge variety of ecosystems of Hissar Range. The distance from Dushanbe to the reserve is about 40 km. Reserve "Almosi" is located on the southern spur of the Hissar range, between the rivers Karatog and Honako at relatively low altitudes up to 2,100 meters above sea level in two administrative districts: the Hissar and Shahrinav. In the late 70's in the reserve a few dozen tourists from Western countries made treks in the northern part of Jamoat. The vast majority of tourists were from the former Soviet Union, traveling on flights, provided by the trade unions. In Soviet times, there was no great tourist activity in the reserve. Starting from the 70s of the last century, all the activity was reduced to seasonal (summer) tourism in pioneer camps. The stone artifacts reveal much of the history of the development of the human society. They were found in the reserve and preserved in the museum of the district and school № 50 and № 39. The era of the primitive community and the original community is represented by such wonderful discoveries as "Takht Sulaimon", "Pai Duldur", "Mazori Husangibod", "Bobomazori" and many other monuments. In recent years, a number of remarkable archaeological sites were discovered and investigated.

A reserve "Almosi" is situated on the southern slopes of Hissar Range which is a part of the Pamir-Alai mountain system. The territory of the reserve is mainly located in the middle of the mountains. Grass on the northern slopes has a markedly pronounced layering. The first tier, a height of 50-60 cm, consists of prangos, known locally as "Yugan", Eremurus, bulbous barley, and the second tier, the height of 30-35 cm, consists of the St. John's wort, lady's bedstraw and mouse peas.

The reserve "Almosi", as all nature reserves in Tajikistan, is characterized by great diversity of natural conditions and large variety of habitats. This explains the richness of the species of the fauna of this reserve. Fauna of the Reserve is characterized by some features caused by life in the mountains. As the temperature drops sharply at night and at high altitudes even in summer, drops to zero, insects, reptiles and rodents living there are diurnal, and at night go into hiding. Therefore, the predators, which in other circumstances, are characterized by the twilight and nocturnal activity (fox, ermine, etc.), hunt mainly in the daytime in the mountains.  Animals habitat in the reserve depends mainly on slopes, because on the northern slopes there are more common woods and wet meadows and on southern slopes - areas covered with steppe vegetation.

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