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Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)


Handmade by Tajik women

Language: english, russian
Paperbak, 52 page
Format: 165mm x 200mm
ISBN 978-99975-884-9-4
Autors: Bakhriddin Isamutdinov, Munira Akilova, Sanovbar Imomnazarova

This brochure has been prepared by "Tourism Development Center" as part of the "Women’s Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism of Financial Stability and Welfare" project. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the role of women's entrepreneurship among the families of migrant workers. The "Women’s Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism of Financial Stability and Welfare" project is funded by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in Tajikistan.

You can get this edition in the office "Tourism Development Center" -  Dushanbe, st. Aini 15-3


Urban Cultural Tours: Dushanbe.

Language: english
Paperbak, 64 page + 1 city map
Format: 210mm x 148mm
Authors: Bakhriddin Isamutdionov, Abdurakhmon Nazirmatov

The brochure was prepared by the Tourism Development Center in collaboration with the Union of Craftsman of Tajikistan within the framework of the International Trade Centre, funded by the Swiss Government in the framework of cooperation in the field of trade in Tajikistan. The publication contains detailed information and photos about museums, theaters, art galleries, parks and major attractions of the Dushanbe city. Also attached is a map of the city indicating the coordinates of the objects described in the brochure.

You can download electronic version. Download (PDF- 4,09Mb)



Travel Through Tajikistan - Travel Guide 3rd edition. Printed: Mega Basim (Turkey)

Language: english
Paperback, 280 pages + 6 city maps
Published: November 2014
ISBN 978-99947-892-6-9
Format: 200mm x 130mm
Author: Dmitriy Melnichkov

This is the third, updated and updated, publication of a guidebook for Tajikistan, which includes extensive information on the history of the country and cities, climatic and natural conditions, with unique historical and architectural and natural sites. Tourist can find information: on visa issues, transport, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, entertainment and more, what makes it easy to move around the country.

The guidebook is available on the urban bookstores or write e-mail: dmelnichkov{}



Tajikistan. Guidebook. Publication: Bradt
Language: english

Paperback, 184 pages
16pp colour + 20 maps
Published: May 2013
ISBN: 9781841624556
Format: 216mm x 135mm
Authors: Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare

Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare have lived and worked in Central Asia since 2008. During this period they have become deeply involved in the region's tourism industry, devising national tourism strategies, advising USAid and OSCE on tourism development, promoting the destination through the BBC and print media and working with local companies to improve their offerings to tourists.

The guide includes tried and tested trekking routes in the Fann, Zerafshan and Pamir mountain ranges for various levels of experience. Comprehensive bird-watching and wildlife sections are provided by BBC journalist Ben Tavener. Rich historical detail and entertaining anecdotes are drawn from the historical archives of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and with first-hand descriptions of everything from Soghdian ruins to playing the traditional sport of buz kashi or 'dead goat polo', Tajikistan's authors bring the country alive.

The guidebook is available the here



Tajikistan. Pamir. Practical and transport travel guidebook. Publication: GEO-МТ, 2013 г.

Language: russian
Author: Anton Krotov - free traveler, writer, founder and president of the Moscow Academy of free Travel, theorist and practitioner of scientific travels.

This is the first practical guide to the most mountainous country of the CIS. How to get to Tajikistan by train, plane, car or hitchhike? How to move independently in the country, how to find accommodation yourself, how to communicate with the locals? You'll learn how much is travel, meals, museums, hotels, post and telecommunications. Dushanbe and Khorog, Ishkashim and Murghab, Kurgan-Tube and Hissar, Varzob and Kulyab ... Particular attention is devoted to the Pamirs (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region): border zone, permit and registration, police officers and their properties, How to get to Sarez lake , Zorkul and other special closed objects. With this book your independent travel to Tajikistan will be more interesting, safer and cheaper than sitting at home. The book is written in Dushanbe in autumn 2010 and inc ludes the latest and detailed information which was verified by other experienced travelers.

The guidebook is available on the website or in Tourism Development Center office. Price - 50 somoni.

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