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Seven treasures of Tajikistan - the project of Republican public organization «Tourism Development Center» which purpose became to search of seven unique of historical – architectural and natural monuments of Tajikistan, and also attention attraction to restoration and preservation of the unique historical-architectural and natural objects which are settling down on territory of the country.
The competition had been financed by the Branch Office of the International Organization of «Open Society Institute » Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan, information sponsorship is rendered by media group "Asia-plus", and prizes are given to the most active participants by the tour agencies "Tajikintourservis", "Tajikaviatour". The competition is spent by support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan. Elections of seven treasures of the country occurred by means of SMS voting.
The competition had been passed in three stages. At the first stage there was a reception of variants. As a result on competition have arrived 65 objects from all of Tajikistan (RT). From this quantity the expert group which structure included experts from the Ministry of culture of Republic of Tajikistan, Executive device of the President, Museum of archeology of RT, the National museum of M.Behzod and the Branch Office of the International Organization of «Open Society Institute » Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan had been selected 28 unique objects of RT on 7 of each region of the country.
On June, have been finished the second stage in which result 14 finalists of competition (by quantity arrived СМС messages have been selected) has ended.
On June, 15th started a final third stage in which result there were 7 unique objects of Tajikistan.
The competition results have been declared on September, 9th, 2009 in the day of celebrating of Independence Day of Republic of Tajikistan. Finalists of the competition are: Sarazm Settlement, Ancient Penjikent, the Valley of "Haftkul", Hulbuk Settlement, the Valley of Sari Hosor (Baljuvon), Garmchashma (Pamir, Ishkashim), and the greatest quantity of voices were typed by the Hisor’s fortress.
All these unique objects are embodied in a colorful illustrated magazine «Seven treasures of Tajikistan».


Haftkul Valley
Ancient Panjakent
Garmchashma (Pamir, Ishkashim)
Hulbuk Settlement
Sari Hosor Valley (Baljuvon)
Sarazm Settlement

Donload magazine «Seven treasures of Tajikistan» (PDF - 7,12Mb)

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