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Official name The Republic of Tajikistan
On the East it is contiguous with China, on the North – with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and with Afghanistan on the South
Territory 143.1 thousand square km
Climate acute continental; the average temperature fluctuates between -200 C and O0C in January and from 00 C till +300 C in June depending on the height above the sea level
Geographical zones
Mountains, forests-steppes
Population 8 million of people (february 2013 ), women - 49.7%, men - 50.3%, urban -26.6 %, rural - 74.4 %
Density of population 42.8 person per square km
People inhabit 7% of the territory
Life duration 68.4
Coverage by education (%) 68.8 (on all levels)
Dushanbe, population - 562 thousand people - 9.2 %
Large cities Khojent, Kurgan-tube, Kuliab, Khorog, Istravshan, Penjikent, Tursun-zade
Administrative division Districts of republican subordination – 28.6 thousand square km, population -1467 thousand people; Sogd oblast- 25.4 thousand square km, population - 1992 thousand people; Khatlon oblast - 24.8 thousand square km, population - 2344 thousand people; Gorno Badakhshan autonomous oblast - 64.2 thousand square km, population - 215 thousand people - 3.4 %
Ethnic composition of the population
Tajiks - 68.8 %, Uzbeks - 24.9 %, Russians - 3 %, others - 3.3 %
Tajik (state), Uzbek, Russian, English (languages of international and business intercourse)
Religion Islam, Orthodoxy
Currency somoni, 1 US dollar = 6,54 somoni (August 2015)
The telephone code of the country 992
Time (Dushanbe)
by  Greenwich + 5 hours
Measurement and weighting system Metric
Natural resources
coal, oil, natural gas, iron, zink, antimony, mercury, gold, tin, tungsten, boron, common salt,  fluorite, precious and semi-precious stones, aluminium
mineral resourse,  hydro-electric engineering, textile
Agriculture cotton, fruits, vegetables, silk, grain, tobacco
Holidays 1 January – New Year, 8 March – International Women Day, 21-22 March - Navruz, 9 May – the Victory Day, 9 September – Independence Day, 1 May – the Day of International  labour solidarity, 5 October – the Language Day, 23 February – Day of the National Army
Three last holidays are workdays.  There is no fixed day for celebration of holidays Eidi Kurbon and Eidi Ramazan and it depends on lunar calendar. These days are non-working
Favourable time for tourism May-medium of the October

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